A Wife’s Take On Cuckolding & Bulls

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Part 1

My husband considered himself to be a cuckold for years, and still kind of is. Before meeting his current girlfriend and becoming one of her Bulls, my husband was cuckolded while with me and his ex-wife, often and for many, many years.

On mine and my husband’s wedding day, prior to the wedding, me and my boyfriend, who was my husband’s best man, had intercourse. It was something that my husband had asked of me and my boyfriend. It meant a lot to my husband and to me and my boyfriend. To us that was something that only a real friend would do.

On our wedding night our marriage was consummated by another man. This was also something that my husband wanted. This other man was a lover we had known for a few years. And his consummating of our marriage meant a lot to all of us.

One thing I noticed about my husband was that he always wanted me to be with men who had very large penises. Some were okay, others not so much, but all of them were fun. When I was with other men my husband was very subservient. He acted like he was mine and my lover’s servant. It was kind of cute to see how excited my husband would get knowing that I was going to have sex with another man or other men.

My husband always wants other men to cum in me as well. He likes how it feels after I have been with others. My husband may be a cuck, but he is also very much an alpha male in the fact that he pretty much decides who I have sex with.

My husband is not well endowed, but he knows how to use what he has. I love sex with him, but he really likes seeing me with others. My husband likes seeing how easily other men can get from me what he is often too afraid to ask for. My husband doesn’t ask for sex, but other men are constantly calling me asking to have sex with me. And they often get what they want.

There are some men I have sex with only to please my husband. It isn’t that I don’t enjoy the sex with these men, but there are a few who are too well endowed and I hurt for days after I have sex with them. Don’t get me wrong, I like the sex, but these few guys are just too big. I will admit that my husband doesn’t ask me to be with them often, but when he does, I have to do a lot of preparation.

In these situations, my husband is being a cuckold and a bull at the same time, in my opinion. When my husband watches me while I have sex with other men, my husband is the cuckold. He loves seeing me go down on these other men and for me and these other men to have intercourse and for the men to cum in me. I tell these other men that I am theirs while I am with them. And I mean it.

I do look over to, or at, my husband when I have sex with other men, but I have to admit that there are other times when I forget my husband is there. My husband also gets just as excited when I go out on dates with other men. He especially gets excited when me and his girlfriend go out with the same guy at the same time. When my husband knows that me and his girlfriend are going to have sex with the same guy it turns him on, big time!

Now that my husband has a girlfriend, we are both seeing cuckolding from another angle. My husband, who is a cuck, is also a Bull. My husband’s cock is not longer, but is much thicker than his girlfriend’s husband’s penis is. The thing is that my husband’s girlfriend’s husband’s penis is smaller than my husband is, but my husband’s penis is smaller than all the other men I have sex with. So, essentially, my husband is a cuck/Bull.

Although my husband has a girlfriend whom he has sex with, essentially cuckolding her husband, my husband and his girlfriend’s husband are both cuckolded by my other boyfriends and other lovers of ours.

My husband’s girlfriend, me and my other boyfriend’s wife all enjoy sex with black men when we get the chance. Why not? My oldest boyfriend likes seeing pictures of me, his other girlfriend and my husband’s girlfriend having sex with black men. My other boyfriend likes seeing us with any other men. My husband prefers us all to have sex with black men. Why? It is just what turns them on.

Why do we enjoy sex with black men? Well, we like sex with all men. What makes the sex with black men so much better is how much it turns on our husbands and boyfriends so much when we do. Yes the sex with the black men is usually really good, sometimes awesome and mind-blowing, but the sex we have with our husbands and boyfriends afterward is even better.

I guess you could say that my husband, both of my boyfriends and my husband’s girlfriend’s husband are all cuckolds in one way or another. The black men we date and have sex with are all sized better than the men in our extended family. The black men we have sex with are men I have had sex with numerous times over the last 10 years or so. I have been with my husband for 7 years and dating my oldest boyfriend for almost that long.

My husband had been intimate with his new girlfriend only once before my oldest boyfriend was intimate with her. and my husband had only been intimate with his new girlfriend three times before she was with three other black men in one night. In my opinion, cuckolding happens a lot more than people realize, and many men desire to be cuckolded for many reasons. My husband’s reason for loving being cuckolded is because he feels most loved by me when I have sex with other men. He considers himself a “compersive.”


Part 2

My husband feels most loved when I have sex with other men and I feel most loved by my husband when he tells me that he appreciates me and what I do for him. I also love it when he comes up behind me and hugs and kisses me and tells me that he loves me. I also feel loved by my husband because he is willing to share me with other men.

When you say, “It’s been my experience that cuckold men, apart from wanting their wives/gfs to be with another man, need the bull to dominate them.” I will agree that some cuckold men want that, but not all do. My husband likes me to take pictures of him standing naked next to my naked lovers so that he can have pictures comparing his penis size to theirs. And I have to admit that my husband’s penis does look cute next to my lover’s penises.

My husband isn’t really into the Domination aspect as much as he is into a little bit of humiliation. I don’t humiliate him. I do tell him that his little turtle penis is cute. And he likes that. My husband also likes me to tell others that he has a small penis. It is mostly so that other men will want to give me what they have so that my husband can watch them with me, but it is still a form of humiliation as far as I am concerned.

My husband’s girlfriend’s husband gets off on the fact that his wife prefers sex with my husband and my boyfriends and my lovers to sex with him. My husband’s girlfriend’s husband’s penis is of average length, but it is no bigger around than a quarter. It’s actually weird looking. Considering that neither my husband’s girlfriend or her husband saw each other naked before they got married, it was kind of a let down both visually and sexually for my husband’s girlfriend.

For my husband’s girlfriend’s husband cuckolding was a way for him to feel that he had provided sexual satisfaction for his wife. And I think that is how a lot of cuckold men feel. My husband provides his girlfriend with what her husband doesn’t, and my boyfriends and lovers provide her what my husband doesn’t. My husband’s girlfriend’s husband feels more like a man now than he ever did before my husband started dating his wife.

One thing I have found strange is that my husband, who has always been bi, AND my boyfriends, who I thought were straight, as well as my husband’s girlfriend’s husband are all willing to fluff other men. I knew from the get-go that my husband was bi because he told me so. My oldest boyfriend, who I have known for 25 years surprised me though when he wanted to go down on my husband and have my husband have intercourse with him.

When me, my husband’s girlfriend and my new boyfriend’s wife have had men at the same time, we have been given a show by watching our men go down on our lovers. That is actually kind of a cool thing to watch and see. It is something our men love to do and our lovers get their egos boosted at the same time. To me, having my husband enjoy pleasing the same man I am pleasing means a lot to me. It is more than just him verbally telling me that he is okay with me being with these other men. And it is kind of my husband’s way of thanking these other men for pleasing me. And I like that.

To me, it takes a very special man to allow his wife to have sex with other men, and to be totally okay with it. For a man to encourage his wife to have sex with others, he has to be very secure. And that means a lot. A lot of people see cuckolds as weak men, but a weaker man would not let his wife have sex with other men or allow another man or other men control in their bedroom. It doesn’t take a lot for a man to have sex with another man’s wife, but it takes a lot of trust, courage and love for a man to be willing to allow his wife to be sexually pleased by another man or other men.

How weak is a man who has the courage to tell his wife of his sexual desires, what he wants and needs and what makes him happy, without fear of judgement? I believe that few men would be willing to tell their wife that they are bi, or that they want their wife to have sex with other men.

When I first met my husband he had, and still has, a huge penis collection. He has penis statues and artifacts that are hundreds of years old. He has stuffed penis characters. He has a huge collection of phallic items. At first I thought that was strange, but now I see that he has as much appreciation of men’s penises as I do, if not more. And I think that is very cool.

When me and my husband and my husband’s girlfriend and her husband go to a swinger motel near us, the four of us look at all of the men there, and how each is differently hung. It’s fun. My husband and my husband’s girlfriend’s husband will tell me and my husband’s girlfriend who they want us to have sex with, and more often than not we do. Me and my husband’s girlfriend usually get pretty good sex with the men we hook up with and our husband’s love watching us. It is fun for all involved.

In the cases where my husband and my husband’s girlfriend’s husband tell us who to have sex with, they may be cuckolds, but they are also being Bulls. That is why I think that a lot of men who think they are cucks are also Bulls in disguise.


Part 3

There are certain men I have more respect for than I do for others. The men I respect most are the men who are secure enough in themselves and their wife or girlfriend’s love that they are willing and even encouraging of their wife or girlfriend to have sex with other men, or better yet be romantically involved with another man or other men. A man who is able to share his wife with another man or other men, even romantically, is a very confident man. And for you men out there, women find confidence in a man very attractive.

The men I respect secondly are the men who will not only allow my husband to watch us have sex, but will allow my husband to be physically involved, with them. A man who is able to move beyond social expectations and stigmas and allows my husband to go down on him is a man who is sexually confident as well. He is secure in his manhood and respects me and my husband, and our happiness, to allow both of us to please him and be pleased by him. I am not saying that my lovers have to have intercourse with my husband, but letting my husband go down on them either before or after they have sex with me means a lot to me.

Thirdly, the men I respect are men who will have sex with me and allow my husband to watch. A lot of men want to be with me and have me alone, without my husband being there. I am not good with that. I will admit that there have been times when the heat of the moment happened and I did have sex with others when my husband was not there, but I called him either before of after and let him know what was going on and he loved that almost as much as being there. Those times have happened but they have been few.

The fourth type of men that I respect are men who are alpha males, men who make the first move. I like men who are not afraid to approach me and ask me out even though I am wearing a wedding ring. These are men who have courage and are willing to be turned down, but make the first move anyway. There is a man who comes into my workplace pretty regularly. He is an older man, attractive, well built. He flirted with me every time he saw me. Well, he flirted with all the women I work with, but he gave me his number. When I called him and asked him why he gave me his number, when he flirts with everyone, he told me with them it is just for fun, but with me it was purely sexual.

The fact that this man was bold enough to admit that what he wanted with me was sex was a turn on. I went to lunch with this man and he told me about dreams he’d had and what he and I had done and how he wanted all of that to become a reality. The more he told me of his dreams and fantasies, the more I got turned on. The whole time I was with this other man I kept texting my husband and keeping him up on what was happening. I ended up having sex with that man, and I am hoping that what we have will turn into something more.

The men I respect the least are the men who feel that they are God’s gift to women and that women will do anything with them any time they want them to. These are also the same men who want to make a wife’s husband feel inadequate or that he can’t please his own wife, which is rarely the case. A man who will humiliate a husband while having sex with a man’s wife is an ass, unless it is preplanned

A man who doesn’t listen or respect the relationship that a husband and wife have is not going to be asked back. That’s just the way it is. Yes, you might get sex that one time, but if you want to be asked back,you better respect both the wife and the husband.

Other men I have little respect for are men who will treat a woman like a whore or their personal slut. I am my husband’s personal slut, but to me, other men, that I just have sex with, are nothing more than play toys. Yes, there are some men who are lovers as well as friends, but these are not the men I am talking about. I am also not talking about men who talk dirty during sex. I like when men talk dirty when we have sex. It turns me on and my husband is not good at it. The men I am talking about are the men who can’t listen and try to take too many liberties.

I like a man to gag me a little when I am down on him, but I do not appreciate a man who is too big and gets off on me gagging on him and tries to forcefully throat f**k me. I am okay with anal, but not until I am really worked up. There are some men who have no idea what arousal means, let alone lubrication. And the men who are exceptionally well hung, who are in too much of a hurry to get me aroused and lubricated, are among the worst.

Finally the men that I truly respect the least are men who do not have good physical hygene. I don’t mind the smell of sweat, but come on. Shower!

I’m not sure if I answered the original thread, or even if I stayed on subject as much as I should have, but I hope that what I have said makes sense. And possibly someone out there will have the same ideas and thoughts as I do.

P.S. As far as “This is just my observation, but it seems to me that cuckolds need the security that a bull can provide. They need to feel that they are clearly and unequivocally subservient—that there is literally no competition. Once they feel that, then they are calmer, more secure, more confident and less bellicose.” I would say that if a man is a cuckold and his wife is having sex with another man or other men that he is going to be happier, feel more loved, more confident in his wife and in himself.

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