A Few Insights On Our Hotwifing Dynamic

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Well, what can I say other than the fact that it’s been a while since our last entry! We started this blog at the tail end of 2019 when our hotwifing adventure was still in its infancy, and then things snowballed as we embraced the lifestyle. Twitter is undoubtedly an incredible platform for sharing, and we truly love to do so, but the 280 character limit is often restrictive when it comes to explaining and detailing our experiences.

Chris here – yes, most (but certainly not all) content is generated by me; I’m Hannah’s support crew: the photographer, image editor, lingerie provider, dresser, babysitter, drink pourer, bum shaver, tattoo applier, tweeter, etc. etc. And guess what? I adore each and every single one of these roles that I do in support of my darling, gorgeous wife being a downright naughty girl.

It’s no secret that we go to great lengths to make it clear that our relationship is the polar opposite of a cuckold lifestyle – not because we look down on this (never diss anyone’s kink), but because it just doesn’t match what we have and doesn’t interest us in the slightest. Our relationship and the activities which we enjoy might to many seem to parallel those of a cuckold couple, and indeed attract many followers who enjoy such things (good for them and they’re all welcome!) but it’s simply not us. Sometimes the tight character limit of Twitter and the immediacy of the posts, with exposure to those who haven’t followed our journey, means that people often get the wrong idea (despite hashtags 😂). This wrong idea doesn’t bother us in the slightest – if you’re aroused by our material that’s awesome and makes us happy, but when it leads to comments like:

“Time for pathetic cucky to clean up the mess from his superior”

And private messages such as this whilst Hannah is away on an overnight date:

“How do you feel, all alone at home, must be quite a mix of emotions?”

…that tends to annoy us! Okay, those are composite exemplars, but you get the idea! Such questions are heavily biased towards the misconception that I am some kind of snivelling subbie-cuckold; moreover, they project their fantasy into our reality. There is NO mix of emotions if my gorgeous wife is out on a date – I’m most likely pottering round the house, enjoying my own company, catching up on work, watching documentaries that would bore Hannah, having the odd vodka or a cup of tea and more often than not an early night! This is normality to us and we adore what we have. Sure, I’m eagerly awaiting WhatsApp updates and photos/videos so that I can share by proxy in her fun, and that in itself is exciting, but ours is a relationship based upon infinite trust and compersion, not upon the humiliation that is intrinsically linked to the cuckold scene.

[As an aside, labels are a funny thing, we tend to employ the “stag and vixen” moniker, simply because this categorises the typical nature of our relationship and perhaps to a degree its usage counters such assumptions of cuckold tendencies; on the other hand, we abhor the use of “bull” as it just baffles and amuses us in equal degrees – we have no interest in a man who roams the field, shitting on the grass and chasing Farmer Giles! Hannah has a steady “boyfriend” and “lovers”, most certainly not “bulls”. Anyone who was to approach us via swingers sites who described himself as a “bull” in order to gain our attention would more than likely get laughed out of the room, or at least politely corrected. Anyhow we digress 😂]

There is reason to this somewhat verbose preamble, and like the horns of a “bull” (!) I shall get to the point!

This week I posted a tweet from our most recent MMF threesome date, and I shall screenshot it now:

…Yes, I mentioned that I had happily and quite willingly drank Hannah’s boyfriend’s fresh cum from her pussy, mere seconds after he had deposited it there – SHOCK,…HORROR!! This catalysed quite a volume of replies and private messages – surely this is the preserve of the flag waving cuckold, no?


Just because a husband tastes the results of his wife’s recent copulation with her lover, fresh from her pussy (or mouth, or arse 😈) does not make him a cuckold! In my case, it makes me a downright naughty and filthy flag-waving kinkster, but categorically not a cuckold!

We are incredibly lucky to have a fully fluid bonded and trusting relationship with Hannah’s boyfriend. We are all tested, I play only with Hannah, and they only go bare together. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to play in such a manner; especially during threesomes. Let’s face it, condoms are a fact of life on the swinging scene, but nobody really likes them. Safety, integrity and respect are all paramount and there is no way on earth we would break the trust we enjoy in our threesome partnership.

Being able to play bare in our little threesome bubble (I use the term because we are lucky it’s also fully legally compliant in this crazy pandemic world), is made all the more fabulously naughty as nothing is punctuated by putting on and changing condoms. The biological reality of this is, with two gentlemen pleasuring Hannah simultaneously, there’s often a fair amount of cum! This is no bad thing of course, the sight of Hannah’s boyfriend’s large black cock slipping out of her after he’s cum, accompanied by a flood of silky white semen dripping from her sore, satisfied married pussy is an incredibly arousing thing to witness (hence I always try to capture it in photos and videos). Faced with such a sight, there are two key options for me, both of which are fabulously hot:

1. Slide in straight afterwards and carry on fucking, lubricated by her boyfriend’s cum, to bring us both yet more pleasure

2. Dive straight in and enjoy the taste of their union, before proceeding to 1. above!

To be honest, we enjoy both in equal measure and generally both feature a number of times during a typical MMF date. There are also other ways in which the presence of cum is a fact of life – often Hannah will be riding me whilst simultaneously fellating her boyfriend; if he cums in her mouth, we will more often than not share this in a very naughty kiss – that doesn’t make me a cuckold either, but definitely illustrates the kinky nature of all parties!

Yet another thing that perhaps typifies a “cuckold style” perception to some of our relationship in our Twitter updates is that most photos feature Hannah with her boyfriend or chosen lover(s) – this is simply down to the fact that I’m the one capturing that side of the action! When I’m involved, it often detracts from the pleasure to be filming at the same time. Sure, I spend plenty of time watching – it’s an incredible sight, but I’m also in there as part of the action.

Apologies in part that this may come over as a mind dump, I write this in a hotel as we prepare to head out for a lovely family day together. The overall sentiment is that we are truly living our best ever life, with everything in balance – we have effectively won the lottery (actually only that could improve things more!) I hope this gives a little more insight into our own personal dynamic, certainly more than the character limit of Twitter affords. I/we shall try to blog a little more frequently in future.

All the best,

Chris and Hannah x

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