A Cuckolded Lifestyle Suits Me

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One thing I have always loved about the concept of evolution is that it always seems to bring out the best in us, and other species too. As time goes by, human beings tend to break free from the artificial social prisons imposed by their fellow human beings which prevent them from expressing their true natural selves.  You often hear of gay couples, lesbian couples as well other people of all sorts of sexual orientations speak of their sense of identity, release and freedom that they have discovered. Has the world has gone crazy? Is it moral decadence? Certainly not. The concept of ‘coming out’ is more of a resistance, a revolt or some kind of prison break. I am sure you have also heard of cuckolding couples talk of their newfound happiness, unbridled ecstasy and contentment. It is the same with me. When I explain to a few friends of mine about my cuckolding lifestyle, they react with shock and astonishment. Some say am crazy, but many are those who have come to appreciate me for who I am. And no, I am not judging. Far from it. I only beg your indulgence as I explain to you why a cuckold lifestyle suits me, and why I am perfectly happy with it.

My Partner is now happy.  Human beings are sexual beings. Women are just as sexual as men are, or probably even more. Many women talk of the sexual frustrations they endure at home. In most cultures, the needs of women are treated as secondary to those of men. And when they seek help, they are advised to ‘persevere’. Things are really changing now due to women empowerment and feminism. I am not willing to go into the merits or demerits of both, but I have come to appreciate that I must do the things that make my wife happy. Why should she, a high-flying, assertive and dominant leader at the work place switch personas when she comes home? I find that absurd. This is where many people, both men and women bury their heads in the sand and live their whole lives pretending and unhappy as a result. Most women are naturally insatiable, and for them having one partner is impossible. Some are wired to be dominant, and some men simply like taking a back seat in a relationship. This is why am happy with cuckolding. We don’t have to live our whole lives as one big lie. We are happy being ourselves, and I am happy when I see my wife happy. That doesn’t mean that I live a sad, miserable life. Nothing could be further from the truth. I know you are probably wondering how that’s possible, which brings me to the next point.

I and my Wife Find it a Great Source of Pleasure.  Now most men will agree that they get both jealous and instinctively excited when their wives are given attention by other men. Numerous studies have proven this. Why is this so? The  answer is that men are wired to compete and chase women. It’s only a natural phenomenon, which makes a man fiercely determined to please his wife. The result is passionate intimacy for the couple, all depending on how both of them handle the situation. The wife derives happiness from the man’s constant drive and desire to please her and the focus is shifted to their marriage. Cuckolding has saved many marriages from collapse since sexual frustrations are no longer swept under the carpet. This openness cultivates trust and is one of the reasons a cuckolded lifestyle suits me and is essential to the happiness of a marriage. So cuckolding is a natural aspect of human life, and more and more couples are embracing it. This healthy competition is what drives me every day, giving me great pleasure in the process. Perhaps we cause ourselves unnecessary pain by fighting our instinctive emotions.

It feels natural to us.  We have always been taught that a man is wired to have as many partners as possible, and that it is perfectly alright. But perhaps what you didn’t know is that the same applies to women too. For them it’s a form of natural selection, the desire to get the best genes from the best male species. This is why monogamy becomes unsustainable and divorce rates are skyrocketing. More people are cheating on their partners, and yet they are in a monogamous marriage. Isn’t that a case of applying double standards? A married woman, after some time, will get used to the body of her husband and will want to become more adventurous. This is a fact which is true for men too, and that’s why marriages are breaking. But this shouldn’t be the case if we are honest about our true feelings. This is why I am perfectly happy with sharing my wife as long as she is happy. It sounds a bit excessive, but we have never been happier. A cuckold a day shields a marriage from divorce, and the earlier we realise this, the happier we will become.

If you have been keen enough, you will realise that I am trying to be honest with myself, and it has made incredibly happy and contented in the process. As I said earlier, I am not trying to judge anyone or any couple. All I am doing is stating the fact that men and women are probably meant to have many partners. I sometimes wonder how one can be married to one partner for say, 10, 15, 20 or even 50 years for those who are lucky to live that long. Life has got to be more exciting than that. That’s why people are defying the traditions and daring to find happiness by fighting boredom and seeking adventure, but marriages have unnecessarily suffered in the process. The sexual powers of men decrease with age, while the reverse is true with women. Again this is a way of nature pointing to us that we need to come out and live our lives to the fullest. The above reasons why a cuckold lifestyle suits me are only mine, but other cuckolding couples will identify with most of them. So the next time you might be tempted to judge cuckolding as abnormal or evil, take a deep look in the mirror. You may just discover that innate desire to be free and to be happy, and that life is too short to spend your days in make-believe.

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